Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mass Extinction of wild species of animals-Climate Change blame

Incredibly sad that many of the species of the living creatures who contribute nothing to the cause of climate change is paying for it. As i stroll from the street from Pet Vero Hotel to Upland Hotel in Wa, Upper West Region of Ghana to participate in a climate change workshop, a beautiful special species of a wild bird fell off from the sky and landed in front me by the road side.
I felt so sad as i stood helpless watching this bird died off. Is that a sign of climate change or probably a disease called “stroke” that could have killed this innocent bird. The workshop was a discussion of Ghana’s climate change policy framework and organized by the ministry of Environment, Science and Technology in collaboration with Care International as part of plans to come out with national climate adaptation, mitigation strategies on climate change.
Climate change is said to have been responsible for mass extinction of animal species and biodiversity worldwide. One thousand species of living creatures and still counting cannot be account for some due to rise of greenhouse gases, while other died through pollution.
The Effect of Climate Change is said to have affected global food security, influence water crisis, and natural disasters. Women and children are said to have also been affected greatly as they are mostly classified as most vulnerable. The loss of biodiversity through climate change also affected agricultural sector reducing harvesting by 20 per cent.

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