Monday, December 19, 2011

Climate Change Campaign to be buried In Chicken And Beer again?

The Year is ending again but the world is still at a fix. National Economies are melting down, unemployment and economic hardship is soaring and governments being pull down. The youth the world over is at work defining their future as they undertake dangerous and life threatening actions. 
This is an indication that all is not well and the need to redefine leadership of countries. Another Christmas and new year events are here again. we undertook similarly or same festivities last year most which was COP16. COP16 actions were buried under Chrismas and new year events that crippled climate change campaign which picked up vigorously few weeks, no, months before the events.
The aromas in the kitchens, beers in the dinning rooms and clubs alas overshadowed climate change campaign cooling down radically the campaign that picked up and gathered momentum. Hey! stop there.

The climate change campaign was burried under beer and whisky during these festivities. The word green was conspiciously missing in the celebrations. Will that happens this year too?

I am sure if we were serious beings our celebration will be greener considering the trauma we went through as a result of climate change. Here i am referring to flooding that killed and destroyed, hunger and starvation put fears in us, water crisis and food insecurity that became topical issues during the year. Almost at the sametime last year we gathered at Cancun (COP16) as we did in Durban (COP17) this year in attempt to come out with green plans to salvage our planet from harm. Like COP16, we agreed to set up green fund however the setting of the fund do not have sources so where will that money come from for implementation of climate change actions?. This is yet another failed conference to me and we the members of the world should put bury our head in shame for failing ourselves again. what is happening? Well, as simple as personal interest, greed, power drunk, we still want to remain the way we were/are.

Our failures to tackle climate change means that we are ready for any natural or artificial calamities so be it stamped and sealed. 
My fears? Are we really committed to the fight against climate change? why are we not celebrating christmas and new year in green style?

This however keeps me wondering what human being is made of. when floods were wrecking properties we promised actions, when snow took over cities we promised action, where tornadoes swept riverbanks and killed people we promised action but when Christmas and new year came we buried these promises under beer and chicken.
I picked up the following disturbing events during last year's christmas and new year
1. At supper markets, plastic bags, rappers were distributed which ended up in a street
2. thousands of chickens, and other animals species lost their lives
3. the transport sector boomed during these period
4. there were mass production in all petroleum products
5. too much noise in cities hitting up the environment (micro-climate)
6. the consumption of fossil fuel had increased in word market leading to fuel price hike in Ghana 25 to 30 percent the government announced
7. there were no green christmas and new year messages from authorities
8. whiskys and beers were in short supply
9. condoms and Aphrodisiac were in hot demand
10. tens of thousands of marriages were celebrated
Hmmm? we seem to be glad doing what he love best.....
The word climate change was overshadowed by kitchen aromas. this however indicated how little or no concern we are to our environment. the above products got us crazy and lost in mind, totally forgotten about the future, cheers
Hurray go clubbing, hahahaha

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